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I've been an artist for almost forty years: at midlife, I learned about health problems caused by people having a cellphone next to their body, so I utilized my talent and created logical, necessary cellphone accessories.  I invented products that would help people.

I feel the reason someone had my van sent over a cliff is because of the accessories I invented.  Also its clear to me, with what's still going on with my body, they planned the crash of me in my van to have a suicide-appearance.

I left a restaurant in bodega bay, then I woke up in the Santa Rosa hospital.

I love having a cellphone, but I always use and carry the device a legal distance from my body.

My inventions wouldn't be needed if people would demand that cellphones manufacturers make their products undamaging to the human body.  If that was the case, people wouldn't want my inventions for safety reasons, however they would want them for different reasons.

I'm an artistic person that could do most anything,

but now the simple task of cracking an egg is a ridiculous thing.

It's unlikely that the things my body is experiencing happened because my van was staged to go over a cliff, and it's strange there were no broken bones in my body. When I was a young person, I broke both legs and one arm, and I've had back surgery for scoliosis. It's odd, none of the places I had surgery earlier in life were affected or re-broken.  That tells me before the van was sent over a cliff, my body must have been unconscious.

Santa Rosa Hospital doctors figured my vision would return to as it was, the eye professionals thought it was just double vision. To see properly, I must cover my right eye.

When my body walks into a moderate temperature pool, unlike a typical dry skin and water sensation, the feeling I have is mildly piercing and strangely unusual, and it's difficult to suspend my body underwater.

My bladder needs to be emptied frequently and the feeling of urgent necessity is increased.

I need to rest my body all the time and I fall asleep quickly even when I've just had caffeine.


I have a mucus problems every morning. 


Cracking an egg, in a normal fashion, is impossible. I eat microwaveable frozen meals all the time.


When I write, it resembles a child's handwriting.


I walk with slow, cautious, mindful steps. Walking fast is impossible. I walk like a handicapped woman.


My feet and legs are always internally cold. I cover my feet even when the weather is hot.

It's difficult to speak. My voice sounds like that of a mentally ill person.

In the next paragraphs, I write about what happened at the places I had to live.

After the hospital, I was taken to Lakeview Terrace Nursing Home in Los Angeles, it had been several months since my van was sent over a cliff, and my ear was still giving me plugged up issues. I was never seen by doctor in that place and I NEVER told anyone about my ear problem. Then one day a person walked into my room, the man declared he specialized in the ear nose and throat, all the guy said was that I have wax and he left.

Also while as Lakeview Terrace in Los Angeles, the nursing home sent me to the Norwalk community hospital for a drug test. The results proved I didn't take pharmaceuticals or any other drugs. After that, a man who called himself a doctor asked me If I wanted to checked into psychiatry.

After Lakeview Terrace, I was taken to a residential remote property in Sun Valley. I rejected taking pharmaceuticals and the staff still pushed those drugs. I believe it was most likely because they would be financially compensated if I took pharmaceuticals. Also at that property, I was told to see a person who called himself a doctor, the guy had pill bottles filled with pharmaceuticals and my name was printed on the containers. I asked the person for his business card, but the guy posing as a doctor refused my simple request. The phony doctor left and the female caretaker in the house hid the drugs.

Also, when I was at that residential prison like property, I think my laptop computer as used to find out who I was contacting and what I was doing on the internet.

When I was in the Kedren hospital, lock down facility, in Los Angeles, and College Medical, another lock down facility, in Long Beach, both places forced me into court, and each place got a court order to inject me with pharmaceuticals if I refused to take the pill form. I refused to take the drugs.

A domain name, I used to own, has been taken. I know the site is a dangerous place not. I put The Handy Website on my website when I gave up the domain. It's a respectable place.

Someone tried to blackmail me. I made a WordPress page showing the blackmail emails, it's on the website links page on my cellphone infertility website.


My speaking voice has been made to sound mentally ill.  I must cover my right eye to see properly.

If you see me, you'll notice my body moves as if it was poisoned.

I believe it was an attack





A few paragraphs with details of the last few years. (2018 - 2020)

When I, the inventor of cellphone accessories was in Silicon Valley, I left the prototypes for my inventions on an investors doorstep.  I assumed, with that risky move, the investor would eventually call and ask to see me. To protect my unsafe move, on another day and from a different town, I sent a well-known celebrity businessman, a person that I'd been emailing for three years, an email telling him what I did.  I also sent the celebrity the same video I made the investor that shows how my prototypes function.  It was a few days later I sent a different, defeated sounding email to a friend, from the same restaurant in town where I sent the celebrity businessman's email a few days earlier. I left the restaurant and got in my van then I woke up in a hospital. 

Was the vehicle cliff-dive staged? The newspaper said the100-foot vehicle cliff-dive, that I was in, happened outside city limits.

The doctors from the hospital, I was in after I was rescued, thought my vision would return to normal after six months, but it did not.  I must cover or close my right eye to see properly.  The position of my eye seems to have moved.  Another weird thing was my physical structure didn't have any broken bones.  And I'm really puzzled that my body suffered bizarre injuries.  My voice sounds like that of a mentally ill person.  I used to be quite dexterous with my hands, now manipulation is difficult, the things I used to be able to do is impossible.  My feet and legs are cold internally even when the weather is warm.  And my structure moves like a hundred-year-old body.

Before the staged vehicle cliff-dive I was a healthy person.  You can witness how I used to be by watching my videos on the web; I created The Handy Goddess home improvement show, it's both a comedy and serious DIY channel on YouTube. I have another channel too; it's called, Faux Painting Samples, I made the channel for my instructional decorative painting videos.

On the day I was released from the hospital, I was taken to Lakeview Terrace in Los Angles where I was forced to live in that psychiatric nursing home.  Why did they put me in that place?  Was it because of the way my voice sounded, or was it because of my distorted vision, or possible was it because of the way my body moved, or whoever staged the vehicle cliff-dive were they trying to destroy my life?


I Expect Justice

Also, people need to demand justice for what is being done to them

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